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To welcome you

Since your time is precious, we have set up a team of specialists who are available any time, including weekends , to respond immediately to your requests , ensuring there is no delay in your projects.

As a specialist in luxury real estate between Saint-Tropez and Monaco , we are in a position to propose a wide range of the most beautiful properties and apartments, for purchase or for rental, and can do so extremely rapidly. We can organise your journey for you to come and visit the properties you are interested in.

Our mission goes far beyond the transaction itself, because we continue to provide services to our customers even after the transaction has been signed. Our services enable you to make the most of your real estate purchase and to benefit from the tax advantages of being a Monaco resident, as quickly as possible.

Manage your capital

To help make life easier for you and enable you to make the most of the region, Royal Riviera Immobilier is able to manage every aspect of your property.

Before the purchase, we provide you with access to the best professionals to help to create the most advantageous financial, fiscal and legal set-up. Our role, therefore, is to provide assistance and advice in a number of areas, such as:
* town planning * architecture, * tax * legal affairs, * relations with solicitors, * financial matters, * insurance.

After the purchase, we help you to select the architects, interior designers and builders who satisfy the criteria of the three “C”s: confidence, competence and competitiveness.

At any time, Royal Riviera Immobilier can provide confidential evaluations of property on the Côte d’Azur and can manage the rental of your property and its administration while you are away.

Residing in Monaco

Our international clients who are Monaco residents have made this choice for a number of reasons:

* the exceptional safety of property, * the ease with which they can invest, * the Mediterranean climate , * the particularly advantageous taxation . By becoming a Monaco resident, you can benefit from the country’s tax system ( no direct taxation such as income tax, no inheritance taxes on real estate, advantageous corporate gains tax system).

In order to help you benefit from all the tax advantages Monaco has to offer, Royal Riviera Immobilier helps you in all the administrative formalities needed to obtain Monaco residency as quickly as possible.

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